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Hello! I recently bought a Jeannie from arda and was wondering if you had any advice on tackling this beast. Just making it look decent?

Hi! Are you having problems with the fit? There are several tutorials available that discuss way’s to modify the size! C:

Here’s a good one!

Good luck!

Hi there! I'm working on a wig for Princess Daisy from Mario and I'm having trouble styling her bangs. Teasing doesn't seem to be working super well, but I'm not sure that her bangs are so voluminous that they need foamcore. I also cut the sides of my wig too short and had to order a new one. I've got some good volume from using hairspray and a hair straightener on the first wig, but it's not very secure. Any advice?

Hi! If you don’t want to use foamcore, teasing and using heat to reshape the hair are really the only options you have left. I don’t know if you’ve seen our tutorial on teasing wigs, but you can check it out here!

You can also create fluffy, curled bangs by wrapping the hair in a round brush and blasting it with a blowdryer. Keep the brush pulled TIGHT as the hair cools off, and don’t take it from the brush until all of the warmth is gone. Because wigs are basically plastic, this will reset the fibers into a new shape! You may have to do it a few times, but once you’re done you can just very gently brush the hair from the underside and get a nice fluffy texture to work with! Hairspray should work easier on it then, too.

Hope that helps!

I have been wanting to ask since your post several months ago about places to buy wigs, but I was too shy. I wanted to know if there are any particular ebay sellers you would recommend for buying wigs?


Hello! Honestly, when looking for a wig on eBay, we just generally browse around until we find something we like! However, there are a few rules you want to use when using eBay:

  • Check the seller’s Feedback. Generally, if they have under 500-900(ish) sales, we’ll probably steer clear unless it’s very obvious that they’re a new shop. Just in case! Having a great score AND great comments on their wigs is a wonderful sign that you’re going to get what you see on the page. Also, look through the Feedback thoroughly; for instance, see if you can find anyone commenting on the exact wig you’re looking to buy! Seeing the opinion (or any potential problems) from another buyer’s perspective is much more trustworthy than the big bold text from the seller themselves.
  • Carefully look at the photos. Do these look like photos you’ve seen before? Do they use cosplayer photos, or photos on a wighead? Are the wigheads all the same, or do the photos look similar? Does the WATERMARK match the store name? A lot of times this last question will be a no, but many eBay stores have several shops all under one department. However, if you see a store using a friend of yours or a cosplay-staple like Kipi in their product photos, youuuu can take a wild guess that you won’t be getting exactly what you’re seeing in the mail!
  • Look carefully at the description of the wig. Talking about fibers now, you’ll generally only see “Synthetic” as the fiber type, and that’s fine! But sometimes you’ll see more than that; you’ll see eleora, kanekalon, toyokalon, monofilament, heat-resistant, ect. And that’s where it comes into personal preference.
  • Eleora is a very high-quality fiber, in fact it’s kanekalon merely treated with a chemical to make it softer and more manageable. HOWEVER, due to this, it doesn’t take dye well, so that’s something to consider if you’re looking for a wig to color. Toyokalon is a step down from kanekalon, and monofilament wigs are very high-end because they’re often used to help those with hairloss (you can find synthetic monofilament wigs, but many will be human hair and, therefore, MUCH more costly!). Consider how you style wigs as well. For me, having a “heat-resistant" wig isn’t always a requirement because I grew up styling wigs with gentle heat from a blow dryer, and I still refrain from using curling irons and straighteners most of the time simply because it’s not what I’ve taught myself to do. But if straighteners, curling irons, and hot water treatments are your thing, then you definitely want to make sure that "heat-resistant" is part of their description!
  • Are you looking for a pre-styled wig or an unstyled base wig? This is completely a personal preference, but I wouldn’t consider buying a wig that comes with heavy styling from an eBay seller and would, instead, look for a commissioner. The reason for this is that shipping is HARD on wigs. Even wigs that I’ve shipped bolted to a wighead and taped and glued TO the box have slipped off and gotten knocked around, and with eBay wigs, the sellers more often than not DON’T send the wig on a wighead, but instead cram it into a soft package envelope or a small box. It seems very risky to me if you wig is supposed to come with spikes or very particular curls, so just use your discretion (and, again, look through the Feedback!) to see if you want to give it a shot. I HAVE seen very nice prestyled wigs that friends got from eBay, but have personally just considered them lucky and we all give a resounding “PHEW!” together.

Of course there are other things to look at, too, like shipping times and seller locations, but usually if you have plenty of time to spare, ordering wigs from another country isn’t too big of a problem.

And that’s about it! I hope this has been helpful, as we don’t have particular sellers that we use every time, we just do our best to make sure they’re legit before making any purchases!

Good luck and take care!

Tips for Purchasing Wigs on eBay

Mondo oowada

This is his hair. Could you help me make a wig for it?


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hey look puttin my Junko wig up for sale!!! asking for $20+$10 shipping 
please note that it has been heavily teased 


hey look puttin my Junko wig up for sale!!! asking for $20+$10 shipping 

please note that it has been heavily teased 


3 days left to order your wigs at SALE prices! We will also be expanding and adding more products at BabyDoll Wigs after the holiday <3

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Danny “The Inferno” Dynamo
Look 1 of 3 in Arda’s Iron Wig Final Round!
Wig by Hee-Hee, photos by Hopie

PUBLIC VOTING HAS BEEN OPENED! You can vote for me, Hee-Hee, or CelticSakura here. The link will also take you to all of our entries!

My inspiration for the hairstyle itself was JP from the anime Redline and the idea of rock-and-roll and destruction, and I decided to mix everything together to create a fire pompadour!

For the inner structure, I worked with carving upholstery foam— something that I do a lot when creating puppets. This allowed the core of the wig to remain fairly lightweight, and it was painted with gradients so that the foam wouldn’t show through those light-colored wefts.

The hairline was done in a similar fashion to my other wigs. I started with fabric, and added dark red wefts in rows until I reached the end of the fabric, and a final row of trimmed hair was glued to the edge with fabric glue.

I also wanted to show gradient dying! I took hair from Arda’s Malinda in Yellow and a Curly Clip (straightened) and used several different shades of sharpies to create a gradient from yellow to red. It was then all about applying the fibers as smoothly as possible in a fiery, flowing way! The sideburns and temple pieces are separately made and attached to the wig while the model was wearing them so that it would fit his face shape.